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Polyandproud is the brainchild and love-labor of just two people: myself and my partner Jak. We started this site when we were both self-employed and working from home, with a schedule that lent itself to projects of this sort.

Over time our situation changed. First one and then the other of us returned to full-time jobs outside of the house, adding formidable commutes and subtracting many hours from our week. We no longer had time to update the site content, write newsletters, or add new products, but at least we managed to continue filling orders for our existing stock. Then we bought a house — good for long-term finances, bad for shipping packages. Visiting a post office used to be a two-block afternoon walk; now it’s a half-hour drive, only possible on Saturday mornings which are usually either filled with child- or house-related responsibilities or (if we’re lucky) exhausted sleep.

So not only has the site languished painfully, but we are no longer able to ship orders in a timely fashion. We realize this is not fair to our customers, and so we’re shutting the operation down until either we can figure out a better system, or our work and/or living circumstances shift again in a more project-favorable direction.

I promise I’m not giving up on the idea; I enjoy making the products, and there seem to be plenty of folks who want them. There is a lot I’d love to do with the design and content of the web site also, but frankly a lot of that is just too similar to what I do all day, every day at work right now for me to have enough impetus to come home and do it some more, so despite my good intentions I haven’t made a lot of progress.

So: official hiatus. But we’ll be back someday and better than ever. We hope you’ll come see us again. To get an email notification when we return, sign up above. And thanks for visiting.